Frequently Asked Questions

What are BioShots?

BioShots are photographs of biologic subjects as imaged by different microscopy techniques.  The image collection spans a range of specimens at scales varying from micro to macro.  Each image presents an elegant perspective and exquisite detail of a world invisible to the naked eye.

How are BioShots images made?

BioShots are collected by preserving and examining biologic specimens under a range of microscopic imaging techniques.  Expert photographers, scientists, and microscopists select the specimens and take the photos.

Can BioShots produce new images?

Yes, please contact us if there are specific types of images or specimens of interest, or if you like a particular photographers work and would like to see more.

What products does BioShots offer?

Currently we offer three types of prints, Photo, Gallery, and Acrylic, in two sizes each. Pricing is commensurate with quality and size of the print.  Unframed photo prints are designed for the cost-conscious customer who wishes to hang or frame a BioShots image on their own.  Gallery prints are ready-to-hang productions that resemble paintings.  Acrylic prints are high-end products offering maximum color vibrancy and impact. 

Are BioShots products available internationally?

Yes.  Subject to international shipping rates.  We are interested to find distribution partners in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Are BioShots available for display in my venue?

Yes.  If you would like to feature a BioShots display in your restaurant, gallery, or other venue, please contact us.  Chances are we are willing to accommodate.

Can I feature BioShots on my site (or vice versa)?

Yes.  Please contact us with a short proposal.  In general we are interested in supporting media articles or B2B co-promotion.

Is BevShots hiring?

We are always looking for creative and motivated individuals to promote our products in major metropolitan areas.  Please contact us.